The museum presents life on the countryside from the past 100 years. Among the broadest collection of agricultural equipment in Finland you can familiarise yourself with an old-time village shop, your grandma’s kitchen, and the world of old tractors and automobiles.

Established in 1982, the Gårdskulla museum of agriculture shows life on the countryside and how it has developed during the past 100 years. The collection includes more than one hundred vintage tractors from 1920-1960, stationary engines, automobiles, household equipment and numerous farm implements and machines – in total around 15 000 objects in a two-floor building of 3000 m². Additionally, there is a forge, old-time village shop, and special departments showing how work with textiles, dairy and laundry was done back in the days.

Among the rarities you can find a 1916 Arbor chainsaw, an Oliver Grain Master combine harvester from 1937, a six-wheeled Valmet tractor and an Fordson tractor with a wood gasifier. The majority of the machines are excellently repaired.

Guided tours in swedish, finnish, english and german are available on request.